Mammal Feeder

I bought a bird feeder to put in the mini-backyard at the condo I live in a few years ago.  And while I do get the usual cardinals and chickadees and assorted LBB (little brown birds), I mostly get mammals.  Thus it is more of a mammal feeder.  And today I saw the first chipmunk of the year at my feeder! Chipmunks are inactive during the winter so this is a sure sign that spring is underway and I thought I would spend a post recounting the various mammals that my mammal feeder has attracted.

The first is obviously the squirrels with whom I have waged a seemingly un-winnable war:

It is pretty fun to bang on the window and watch them all freak out though

They seem to love the endless challenge of the baffles I put on and around my feeders and have grown to enjoy the spicy taste of the hot pepper spray.  They have worked together with the raccoons to get into the metal container where I keep the seed.  And of course, they have perfected the art of dog-taunting:

Very soon squirrel, very soon.


And there are those under the porch dwellers and drifters, that have included raccoons possums, skunks,and rabbits:

‘Allo there, can I borrow a cuppa sugar?

As well as one very contemplative woodchuck:

How much wood could I chuck? What does that even mean?

And of course, my little buddy Norbert the chipmunk who was tame even by chipmunk standards.  Chipmunks are total foodsluts and I probably could have had him jumping through hoops for peanuts, but all I really wanted was to cuddle.

I haven’t seen him since that summer so I’m a little worried due to the high volume of cats in the neighborhood, but maybe he just found a better meal over at the retirement home across the way.  Them old ladies are pretty free with their breadcrumbs.

Happy first day of chipmunk season to you all!

Happy Animals Being Happy

It’s Monday and everyone needs a little cheering up on Monday, so I’ll share a ridiculous collection I have.  Sometimes in my meanderings of the internet I run across photos of animals that genuinely look like they are having an awesome time.  I have collected many of these into a folder called “Happy Animals Being Happy”.  Sometimes when I’m bummed I take a look at these critters just enjoying life and it makes me feel better.  At some point in my life I’m hoping to surround myself with actual happy animals and children (starting this summer at Audubon!) but until then, sometimes you just need a photo of a kid licking a pig:






Please feel free to share your own Happy Animals Being Happy!