Reusing Candle Containers

If you, like me, are a bit of a candle-a-holic then you probably end up with a bunch of candles with too little wax and too short a wick to use.  I found a great article on on how to clean these up for reuse.  Check it out if you want more details:

But I’ve tried it and I’ll give you a brief overview here:

1. Use a spoon to scoop out the gross old left over wax in the container. Get what you can out, but don’t worry too much if there are some bits left.  Make sure you get the wick out as well.  Hint, don’t do this with the candle lit.

2. Preheat oven to a little less than 200 degrees F

3.  Place containers open end down on a cookie sheet or shallow pan with parchment paper under them

4. Pop em in for about 10-15 minutes

5. Take them out – notice the left over wax has melted and soaked into the paper

6. Carefully hold them with a towel or oven mitt and use a paper towel to get all the rest of the gunk out

6.  Congrats! You have brand new containers ready to use!

I just got some candle making stuff in the mail so hopefully I’ll get a chance to do use these container to make some new candles and report back in the near future.

Now go play outside! It’s wicked nice out!

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